• Job Description

    We are seeking a Web Developer to help with the development and maintenance of our websites. If you are an enthusiastic self-starter who welcomes challenges, aspire to learn, want to take on new responsibilities, write clean and readable code with documentation to support your work - then CBS can be your perfect professional home! We are a young, vibrant, dynamic, and change-oriented company. Our focus is on opportunity, and we want to help maximize yours. Members of the CBS family have code as their passion - those who love exploring new technologies in their free time, along with a strong grasp of general programming and computer science concepts. Further, as remote workers, we are strong team players who can work well independently and are not afraid to contribute our opinions and ideas for the betterment of the team. Although we would love to see you in person at our office in Edmonton, we are currently hiring for a remote position. This position is expected to remain remote indefinitely. However, the team’s working hours are based on the standard working hours in Edmonton, Alberta –9 am-5 pm Mountain Time, and you will be expected align your schedule accordingly.

  • Responsibilities

    • Front-end and Back-end web design and development.
    • Planning, designing, implementing, and maintaining websites.
    • Discourse and planning with colleagues regarding your unique experience and understanding, making an impactful mental contribution to the team.
    • Maintenance of existing code via analysis, tracking, documentation, and resolution of any potential issues in our existing code base.
    • Participation in client & customer meetings, and any required webinars, tutorials, or required training.
    • Ad hoc duties as required
  • Educational Requirements

    • Completing or has completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Science or related Engineering, or equivalent work experience.
  • Experience Requirements

    • 1-2 years experience working with Javascript, or equivalent. Experience in Git, WordPress, PHP, jQuery, MySQL.
  • Additional Requirements

    • Solid understanding of Back end and Front end web technologies and frameworks, JavaScript & Node.js &React.js preferred.
    • Functional understanding of general programming concepts, including object-oriented design, data structures, algorithms,and version control.
    • Experience with SQL and at least one relevant DBMS.
    • Excellent communication and documentation abilities.
    • Conceptual understanding of relevant web development concepts, including RESTful APIs, Authentication, Encryption, and Security.
    • Must be currently eligible to work in Canada.
    • Intricate experience in React.js, ORMs, Caching, TypeScript, Database Management, Web Server Management, Security.
    • Experience with Docker, Git, PHP, testing, UI/UX design and public APIs.
    • Knowledge or experience with any additional or alternate programming languages or web technologies, automation, CI/CD, GraphQL, business, Adobe Creative Suite, graphic design, or anything else you think maybe an asset to the team–please let us know!
    • Bilingual or multilingual with French, Japanese, German, or Korean, and if you love cats.
  • Benefits and Perks

    • The position includes health benefits after 3 months of employment.
    • Flexible working environment.
    • Mature business process framework and infrastructure so that you can hone in on your own skills and what you do best.
    • Remote work position.

Jobs Information

  • Company Name

  • Job Category

    Technical Jobs
  • Job Position

    Web Developer
  • Job Type

    full time
  • Salary

    $42,000 - 50,000
  • Location

  • Deadline

    30 Jun 2021