software development & optical systems consulting.

Convenient Business Solutions Inc. (CBS) was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Canada, with additional registered offices in Japan and Ireland. We have expertise in optical systems, software development, marketing, sustainable technology, property management, and offer consulting, services and online tools related to these industries in the global market.

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optical systems consulting.

We have worked across a wide range of industries and have experience providing design and analysis services across the whole R&D process - from evaluating the initial proof of concepts through to debugging prototype performance, and stray light analysis of large optical systems. We are distributors of:

FRED Optical Engineering Software is a globally recognized optomechanical raytracing software used by companies, government, and universities in the development of optical systems used for straylight analysis, laser systems, LED / illumination system design and imaging systems.

Photon Design Ltd provides the world's leading software to the photonics industry including tools for modeling both active and passive photonics components, and optical circuits. Photon Design's products are currently used in hundreds of laboratories in dozens of countries, contribute to thousands of leading research publications, and are used to develop the next generation of micro and nano optics.

software development.

Our people-first approach to software solutions gives users the freedom to work when and where they want; and provide all the necessary tools and analyses needed for better communication, collaboration, efficiency, and productivity. From properties and workflows, to smart cities and IoT, our management tools create a better sense of community.


With three strategically placed offices, we're able to promote and sell our network of products and services to a global audience.


Dublin, Ireland

With a focus on the following countries:

  • Majority of EEA
  • UK / Switzerland
  • Scandinavia
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Tokyo, Japan

With a focus on the following countries:

  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Singapore
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Release of EPIPPROP Version 3.4 Real-world design of AWGs and Echelle gratings with EPIPPROP version 3.4
This new version of EPIPPROP allows the user to model more real-world effects such as manufacturing defects and temperature variations in AWGs and Echelle Gratings:
Model manufacturing defects by ...
HAROLD Version 7.0: Introducing "k.p." Model to Enhance Quantum Well Simulation HAROLD version 7.0 now has a k.p. model for improved simulation of quantum wells.
The new version of Photon Design's highly popular laser diode/SOA simulator now has a full k.p model allowing gain, spontaneous emission and carrier density calculations in ...
OmniSim Version 8.0: The World's First Hybrid Mesh The newest version of OmniSim has the world's first tetrahedral-cuboid hybrid mesh for the FETD Engine. The calculator will use both rectangular and triangular elements in 2D (or cuboid and tetrahedral in 3D) to substantially reduce the runtime of the ...
FRED Version 23.10 Release Photon Engineering is pleased to announce the release of FRED Optical Engineering Software v23.10.

New Features Summary

New Charts
The charts in FRED have been updated to a newer technology (LightningChart) to include more features, faster analyses, and more responsive ...
Revamped and Ready: Unveiling Toki's Latest Updates for Seamless Workflow Management! @Assist is proud to present the enhanced version of Toki, our workflow management solution for Slack. With relentless dedication and the invaluable feedback from our users, we've meticulously developed the second version of Toki to provide you with a glitch-free ...
Time Off Made Simple: Kiku's Reporting Feature is Here! Here, at @Assist Kiku, we are committed to enhancing your employee time off management experience with seamless efficiency. We have been attentive to the valuable feedback from our users. In response to numerous requests, we are excited to introduce the ...


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